Although the Vladimir Kagan Serpentine raised the standard for flowing sofa design, his other many renderings enhance homes worldwide. From the Floating Curved Sofa through his iconic Venetian Sofa he has created designs for every home and public area.

Serpentine Sofa

Serpentine Sofa

Serpentine Sofa with arm

Serpentine Sofa with Arm

Free Form Curved Sofa

Free Form Curved Sofa with Arm

Back-to-Back Sofa

Shorty Sofa

Midollino Sofa

Crescent Sofa

Embrace Sofa

Floating Curved Sofa

Venetian Sofa

Fifth Avenue Angled Sofa

Fifth Avenue Wide-Angle Sofa

Fifth Avenue Sofa

Unicorn Curved Sofa

Swan Sofa

"L"-Shaped Swan Backed Sofa

Loveseat and Footrest

Barrel Loveseat

Omnibus Sectional Sofa