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Vladimir Kagan

A Lifetime of Avant Garde Design

By Vladimir Kagan

Preface by Tom Ford, Forward by Zaha Hadid
Presenting: The publication of the updated edition of The Complete Kagan: Vladimir Kagan, A Lifetime of Avant Garde Design in a larger format with exciting revisions that includes a Foreword by renowned-architect, Zaha Hadid, and Kagan’s impressive new work over the last decade. Since 2004, Kagan’s international reach has grown by leaps and bounds, in showrooms in France and Italy, and with commissions for high-end interiors by some of the world’s leading architects and interior designers. Beginning with his childhood in Germany and his family’s escape from Nazi power, Kagan chronicles his rise to become one of America’s most celebrated designers. Combining sophisticated aesthetic with comfort and modernistic sensibility are the hallmark of his enduring career.

“It is the perfect time to celebrate Vladimir Kagan’s influential new work. His new custom designs are transformative and the new installations – documented in striking contemporary interiors – will make the book – the only one that documents in detail the designer’s amazing career – a must-have for young and seasoned designers alike. It will also offer a sneak peek into Kagan’s foray into architecture!”
- Suzanne Slesin, Publisher and Editorial Director, Pointed Leaf Press

Purchase Now For: $85.00